Over 500,000 individuals have died from COVID-19 in the United States since the start of the pandemic in late 2019. The statistics demonstrate that the Latino/x community is particularly vulnerable to morbidity and mortality with this contagious infection. Our organization would like to educate and empower the Latino/x community to get vaccinated and highlight ways to combat healthcare disparities with culturally competent information.


Build a diverse coalition of health care heroes


Train heroes to engage effectively on social media


Disseminate simple, evidence-based messaging to build vaccine-trust and combat disinformation

#ThisIsOurShot is a national, grassroots coalition of healthcare heroes and allies that aim to build vaccine-trust for a COVID-free world by elevating the voices of healthcare heroes as trusted messengers through stories, photos, and videos using evidence-based messaging. #VacunateYa has alongside this movement led by frontline workers to combat the disparities in the Latino/x community.

To elevate the voices of healthcare heroes to build vaccine-trust for a COVID-free world

Join the Trust Advocate Program

Gain Knowledge and Skills to be an Effective Vaccine Advocate

We curate vaccine insights and messaging from our allies and produce original content to help healthcare heroes effectively engage with friends, family, and communities in everyday conversations both digitally and in-person.