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Zoom Presentation w/ Healthcare Foundation of Northern Sonoma County – Kids and Vaccines: Getting to Herd Immunity

Featuring: Doctor Brian Prystowsky

Panel Discussion

Tuesday, June 8, 2021 | 5:00 – 6:00 PM

Why is vaccinating kids important, and what is at risk? What are our best strategies for reaching kids and their parents?

As of June 1, 71% of Sonoma County residents 12 and older have had at least one shot, and 60% are fully vaccinated. Young people ages 12 to 24 are only 33-42% vaccinated, however, yet are most likely to engage in Covid-risky behavior.

Sonoma County’s overall high vaccination rates disguise the fact that rates are lower for young people and those in many of our lower income neighborhoods.

The more unvaccinated people in our community, the greater the risk to all of us: the longer the virus circulates and mutates, the more we are all at risk of variants for which we are not prepared, and which could result in more societal shut-downs.

Medical professionals and public health leaders urge us to band together to prevent another wave of this pandemic by acknowledging the critical role of parents and children.

How can the rest of us appeal to hesitant parents, and to young people who have the illusion of invincibility?

What can we learn from successful youth campaigns here and in other regions?

Panelist Bios:

Kim Bender, Executive Director, Healthcare Foundation Northern Sonoma County

Brian Prystowsky, M.D., Pediatrician, Sutter Health

Sue Labbe, PNP, Chief Medical Officer, Alliance Medical Center

Sylvia Lemus, Strategic Communications Specialist, County of Sonoma

Jason Cunningham, CEO, West County Health Centers

Glaydon de Freitas, CEO, Corazón Healdsburg

Stephanie Manieri, Director of Programs, Latino Service Providers

Victor Peña, Youth Promoter, Latino Service Providers