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Javier Sánchez is a board-certified family physician with 25 years of clinical experience. His clinical focus has been on addressing racial and ethnic disparities in medicine. He was instrumental in developing developed the Southern California Kaiser Permanente Language Concordance Program to address health care disparities within Kaiser Permanente. To encourage young people into health care careers, he started the Hippocrates Circle Program in San Bernardino County. He has been a Clinical Professor of Family Medicine at the Keck School of Medicine and is currently an Associate Professor of Family Medicine at the University of California Riverside School of Medicine. In the last nine years he has worked with the California Medical Association and the San Bernardino County Medical Society to address the climate change health crisis and how it impacts the social determinants of health to disadvantage communities. Dr. Sánchez has also championed the increase participation of minority physicians in organized medicine. In response to the Covid-19 crisis this past year, he joined the digital movement of #ThisIsOurShot as an executive member and as a founding member and leader of #VacunateYa to build a diverse coalition of health care heroes, train health care heroes to engage effectively on social media and disseminate simple, evidence-based messaging to build vaccine-trust, combat misinformation and develop equity distribution of the Covid-19 vaccine.

AMIGOS Clubhouse (5-13-2021)

Featuring Doctors D. Turner-Lloveras; E. Olivera; J. Sanchez; M. Ramirez; Galvis, I. Shapiro; V. Contrereas; E. Montes; Leyva; M. Loeza; R. Correa; Lopez; A. Neison;…

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