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LA Times – Why Many Latino Men Haven’t Gotten Vaccinated Yet

MAY 19, 2021 UPDATED 7:18 AM PT

Vaccination rates are especially low among Latino men. In L.A. County, 39% had gotten at least one shot, compared to 59% of white men, as of May 9. Across demographics, women are more likely to get vaccinated than men, with about 46% of Latina women having gotten a shot.

Healthcare advocates are zeroing in on the issues that prevent Latino men from getting vaccinated, which range from misinformation to busy schedules, lack of familiarity with the healthcare system and fear of side effects.

Campaigns such as #VacunateYa on social media aim to educate people about the vaccines. Last Thursday, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti announced a bilingual vaccination campaign featuring celebrities such as actor Danny Trejo, music legend Pepe Aguilar and telenovela star Angélica Maria.

With Latinos making up nearly half of L.A. County and 39% of the state’s population, much is riding on the efforts. Latinos of both sexes have lower vaccination rates than whites and Asians and are about on par with Black residents statewide.

Ilan Shapiro, a physician involved in #VacunateYa, said communicating vaccination information to Latino audiences involves not just translating into Spanish, but connecting culturally and earning their trust.