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Brian was born in the Philippines but he never learned Tagalog. Instead his parents moved to America and put him in Orthodox Jewish Yeshiva where he learned Hebrew. Brian learned Pediatrics from Puerto Rican patients in Springfield, which explains why he leaves off the last syllable of every word he says in Spanish, and then moved to Santa Rosa, CA in 2009 to work at Southwest Community Health Center with families of agricultural workers from Michuacan, Mexico while his wife trained to be a family doctor. Brian is passionate about vaccine advocacy, teaching, coaching, and his two kids Sal (7) and Simon (4) and goes to great lengths to ensure that everyone around him knows that vaccines are safe and effective. He even sings about it in music videos and records himself talking to a puppet elephant on his youtube channel to make sure everyone gets their coronavirus vaccines so we can all begin the process of healing after 2020. Brian’s superpower is caring about humans, reading their feelings, and making them feel good about themselves. #VacuanteYa #ThisIsOurShot

VacunateYa – Music Video

Composed and performed by Doctor Brian Prystowsky #VacunateYa mission is to elevate the voices of healthcare heroes Physician member and leader Brian Prystowsky, MD…

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