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Dr. Neison is a Family and Culinary Medicine Physician who has always been interested in global health from a preventive medicine perspective. She knows firsthand that her patients' food and lifestyle choices are limited when policies make it difficult for them to have access to healthy food, have access to walkable communities and even access to breathe clean air. Over the last 3 years, Dr. Neison has become active in her medical group to promote the culture of wellness amongst her colleagues, one where the focus is on human and planetary health. She advocated a sustainable plant-forward menu started at Sharp Rees-Stealy physician meetings that was eventually implemented at all Sharp Healthcare Hospitals in San Diego. She’s currently the working with the hospital Dietary and Nutrition team to improve culinary literacy as a way to promote health. She is the Co-Medical Director at California Schools VEBA, where she teaches classes at the VEBA Resource Center, where she teaches health promoting culinary medicine classes weekly for employees of California schools. Dr. Neison is on San Diego’s Public Health Advisory Council for Climate Action where she is connecting the dots between human health, climate health and policy changes that impact social determinants of health. She maintains an active presence on her social media page Flavors4wellnessMD where she inspires the interconnectivity between food, wellness, community, human and planetary health.

AMIGOS Clubhouse (5-13-2021)

Featuring Doctors D. Turner-Lloveras; E. Olivera; J. Sanchez; M. Ramirez; Galvis, I. Shapiro; V. Contrereas; E. Montes; Leyva; M. Loeza; R. Correa; Lopez; A. Neison;…

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